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the down the rabbit hole series: 

through a glass, Hannibal/Will, R (47,000 words, 7/7)

He went to sleep in an asylum; he woke up in a reality not his own. Will’s either gone down the rabbit hole of his own unstable mind, or he’s ended up someplace else entirely. (The non-opaque summary: Will wakes up in a universe where he and Hannibal are dating.)

Overture, Hannibal/Will (alt), NC-17, (8900 words)

Weeks of dating, and they’re going nowhere fast.

Tenerezza, Hannibal/Will (alt), R (3700 words)

The au!Hannibal and Will from ‘through a glass’ return from their date to the opera.

- TBA fics set in that ‘verse

non-series fics:

Ties That Bind, Hannibal/Will, R? (WIP, 800~ words)

After Lecter eludes his best men in Florence, Mason Verger takes his problem to a scarred and embittered Will Graham.

Strange Bedfellows, Hannibal/Will, R (9000 words)

While out of town on a case, necessity forces Will and Dr. Lecter to share a bed. Will’s aware of what a terrible bedmate he makes—they’re not exactly in for an easy night’s sleep.

get over that hold out, Hannibal/Will, PG-13 (9200 words, for bluesyturtle)

Will’s obligated to attend the annual BAU Christmas party. Katz wants him to feel like part of the team, Jack’s just trying to indulge his wife, Price is going for the open bar—and Will knows there’s no way Dr. Lecter would be caught dead at such a black-tie travesty.



Captain America (movies)

Sea Change, Steve/Bucky, NC-17 (WIP, 2300~ words)

Bucky left Steve Rogers behind in New York smelling—weakly—of omega. After the serum, Steve doesn't smell like himself anymore.

it's always been, so it's no surprise, NC-17 (girl!Steve (Steph)/Bucky, 3400 words)

"I've been wondering since you got here," he continued conversationally, "just how much you've changed." Girl!Steve/Bucky.


Mass Effect

Trivial Pursuit, Male!Shephard/Kaidan Alenko, R (7800 words, for spicyshimmy)

Kaidan and Shepard's personal lives go public after a video leaks to the press. They deal with the aftermath.

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cosmic love, a mix for leona carver's piper

Full cover art and tracklisting, plus downloads, behind the cut. )
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Two fanmixes in 24 hours is a new record for me! Can't decide if I'm disturbed by or impressed with myself.

this tornado loves you, a hannigram mix

Full cover art and tracklisting, plus downloads, behind the cut. )
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every single night, a will graham (nbc's hannibal) fanmix

Full cover art and tracklisting, plus downloads, behind the cut. )


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